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Mayhemic hails to all of you, servants of the metal of deathcult !

Thereís not much to say about Tormented By The Undead, I think the politics behind it already speak by itself. It could be defined as the smallest label existing on earth. Do not take my words as pretentious coz it isnít. I just mean that Tormented By The Undead is firstly very limited financially speaking, which means that youíll not have the opportunity to see tons of releases per year. Expect just ultra limited edition of each warfare noise, nothing less nothing more. Moreover, I donít really see Tormented By The Undead as a label coz it has a strong promotional side too. All started when I got the opportunity to bleed my ears through the hell unholy black metal cult Weapon. The need to help to spread the pest of their first demo, ďWithin The Flesh Of The SatanistĒ, became an obsession and I decided to create this 666 underground label. Thatís all youíve to know !!!!!


"Intruders have profaned thy evil domains
Seaching for joy, they will die in pain
They played with blackened powers, spirits start to rise
They invoked hell's demons, none shall survive

Suddenly awakened servants of Hades
After centuries rotting in the nethermost reigns
Summerian demons from the ruins of Kandor
Reanimated in the name of our Lord

Evil spawns awakened from their Slumber
Possessed maniacs, their victims breathe no longer
Spewing black blood in the ancient graveyard
Undead abominations satisfy their hunger

Demonic possession within the haunted woods
The ancient dead have been summoned
Moon of death engulfs the corpses of the damned
Bound in flesh, the book was recited

Evil Dead, rise in the name of Satan
Join us !

Horrible noises emerge from the basement
It's the book of the dead
The woods come alive, tormented by the undead,
The demons from Hell
Try to escape, he will get you, the Overlord
Ungodly dead burst through Hell's gates
Die, you bastard !!!!"

(Mortem "Tormented By The Undead", 1986)


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